Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

Our children in Key Stage 1 are taught in 1 class with both Year 1 and 2 children. In Key Stage 2, our Year 3 and 4 children are mixed and our Year 5 and 6 children are taught separately in the morning and join together to become one class in the afternoon. Our classes follow a 2 year cycle which is carefully matched with the National Curriculum. Class teachers carefully plan ensuring that every child’s needs are met across the class. In addition our teaching assistant works across our classes to provide targeted support and challenge to pupils as required.


In Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2, our mornings focus on the teaching of the basic skills of reading, writing, phonics/SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and mathematics. This is done through interactive lessons where children are encouraged to talk and be active in their learning. Lessons are always given a purpose so the children understand why they need to learn what is being taught, and the classroom set-up is varied regularly depending on the activities being used.

During the afternoon, we continue to provide an excellent, broad and balanced curriculum that is rooted in ensuring that the children know more and remember more. We begin most lessons in the afternoon with retrieval practice questions to strengthen memory and to ensure a strong foundation to build more knowledge upon. The end points in our curriculum are debuted in several ways; this varies from an  independently written essay to an independently written non-chronological report and even self-recorded vlogs explaining all the knowledge they have acquired  during that term.


Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum Overviews

At Shaftoe, we know the importance of sharing information about children’s learning with parents/carers and guardians. Starting from Summer 2021, we introduced our curriculum overviews to ensure that each half term, these key documents are shared so that adults at home have a clear understanding of what learning is going on in each subject.

Our curriculum runs on a two-year cycle.  

Academic Year 2021-2022 - Cycle B

Academic Year 2022-2023 - Cycle A

Academic Year 2023-2024 - Cycle B

Click on the links below to see the learning that has taken place so far. 

Summer overviews will be added during the first week of each new half term. 

Cycle A Summer 1 2021 overview

Cycle A Summer 2 2021 overview

Cycle B Autumn 1 2022 overview

Cycle B Autumn 2 2022 overview

Cycle B Spring 1 2022 overview

Cycle B Spring 2 2022 overview