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Bexhill Academy is a rapidly improving, growing primary school. The Academy provides primary education, Nursery education  and childcare for children from three years old. The school has approximately 400 children on roll.

Bexhill Primary School became an Academy in March 2011. We felt that being an Academy would help us move forward and continue to improve. It gives us greater curriculum freedoms, and frees up funding to spend on children’s learning and to raise achievement. Academies are schools designed to meet the needs of young people in the 21st century. They are non-fee paying schools and independent of the Local Authority, but publicly funded by the Government and inspected by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). Bexhill is proud to be part of of the Wise Academies Trust.  More information about the trust can be found here

The Academy is organised into four mini-schools. Children receive personalised provision within each of these, enabling every child to reach their full potential. Professor Stephen Heppell explains the effect of mini-schools here Each mini-school organises it’s learning into topics, more of which can be found in the curriculum section below.

Bexhill is situated in the Town End area of Sunderland, and the Academy is highly valued within the local community. The community, in partnership with the Academy’s staff and support of the Trust, ensure that the ‘sky is the limit’ for the children and young people attending Bexhill Academy.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, whether you’re a regular visitor or stumbling across us for the first time.

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The Academy

Bexhill Academy is organised into four mini-schools. Each are very similar, but also have their own ‘twist’ to help meet the needs of their children as effectively as possible.

In Early Years, children attend Nursery and Reception. Nursery children use the Bingley Street entrance and are met by key workers in the foyer. Miss Routledge, Miss Caldwell, XXX and Miss Cairns have a great environment linked to areas of the Early Years framework, and the children love accessing the provision on offer, both indoors and out! Children in Reception go directly into their classes, where Miss Smith, Miss Potts, Mrs Langley and Mrs Scrafton are waiting with a fun-filled day on offer. Miss Jeffries completes our Early Years team.

Our Y1/2 team is led by Miss McGovern. Year 1 is taught in a similar manner to Reception, to ensure children have a smooth start to the year. Miss McLean, Miss Haynes, X and X teach small groups throughout the day while the children also access the continuous provision (sand and water, role play areas etc). Our Y2 children are taught by three teachers, Miss McGovern, Mrs Peek and Miss Hood. Mrs Hogarth and Mrs Richardson provide expert support enabling children to receive one-to-one and small group teaching where needed to ensure each child reaches their full potential.

In Y3/4, children are mixed in key worker groups for the first session of the day; homework is checked, children are listened to reading and so on. Then the children are streamed into ability groups in each year group for Literacy and Maths. Y3 children are taught by Mrs Gamble, Mrs Major, and Mr Dixon, and are supported by XXXXX. Y4 children enjoy core subjects with Miss Mason, Mrs XXX and Mrs Cairns. In the afternoons, the children enjoy a wide variety of lessons, including swimming,

Y5/6 works on a very similar basis to the other units, just with trickier work! You’ll be amazed at some of the things our children are able to do by the time they leave Y6! After a mixed key worker start, children in Y5 go to either Miss Boxley or Mrs Letton for Literacy and Maths, while the Y6’s are taught by Mr Hill and Mrs Walton. Teaching support is provided by Mrs Wilson, Mrs Gooch, Mrs Stokoe, Mrs Gamble and Mrs Willis. In the afternoons the children go to different teachers for different subjects (to help prepare them for life in Secondary school). For example, a child may begin the afternoon with Mr Hill for Science, before moving to Miss Boxley’s Geography lesson. At the same time, children are given one to one or small group support to make sure things that were a bit tricky for some children on the morning are understood – we try not to let anyone go home stuck!

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Our Vision

Coming Soon

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Meet the Team

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